Live-stream funerals don’t mean the end of a personal connection.

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Livestream funerals and personal connection

Live-stream funerals don’t have to mean the end of a personal connection.

With the unprecedented restrictions on social gathering due to Covid-19, we’re all discovering new adjustments we need to make in our lives almost every day. Losing a close friend or family member can be difficult enough, without the added realisation we now may not have the opportunity to say goodbye in person, as we previously thought we could.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t still say farewell in a personal, intimate way. With live-streaming funeral services, families can experience the event almost as if they were there. Services like OneRoom Livestreaming, enable the viewer to switch between multiple camera views of the service on-demand from their own device, including a feed with the visual tribute slideshow video. This level of interaction goes a long way to providing a more personal experience with the service.

The personal connection can be further enriched through participation in creating the memorials that form part of the service. Eulogise provides a way for families to collaborate in the selection of pictures, the creation of a digital order of service and arranging the visual tribute slideshow. Many families also experience a helpful catharsis and strong personal connection to the service, when they prepare the memorials themselves.

memorial videos for livestream funerals

A Visual Tribute is more important than ever.

Typically the visual tribute or slideshow memorial video plays at a specified point during the service, inviting the mourners to personally reflect on the life of the deceased. It can be a moment of joy and is a rich visual remembrance, usually spanning the life of the person they’ve lost.

Most funeral services with a congregation present, have a predefined duration at the chappel or memorial venue and a carefully timed running order to keep the service on track. With the result, the funeral director will often limit the slideshow memorial to a few minutes with approximately 25 slides.

Live-stream funerals enable any duration of visual tribute without affecting the running order and timing of the service, because the viewer can choose when to view it at any time during the service. This provides a new-found importance on the visual tribute and can provide even greater value, for both the family creating slideshow memorial and the viewers. The duration can be extended, reducing the painful need to cull the pictures and provide a more dynamic, engaging visual experience for those viewing from home and around the world, watching an extended slideshow, rather than a static view of the chappel or casket.

Digital funeral service booklet

The order of service, more than a remote viewing companion.

The traditional order of service booklet serves the dual purpose of helping the congregation follow the running order of the funeral service, in addition to serving as a memento for years to come. However, printing can be expensive, limiting the content of the booklet for most families to the basic running order, a prayer and maybe picture or two.

In the age of live-stream funerals, connecting the remote viewer to the service is more important than ever and the order of service serves this need very well. Being able to follow along at home and read along with the prayers, readings and poems as they’re spoken, binds the audience in a personal way, free from distraction in their own home.

Additionally, with digital delivery to view on any device, families are not limited by the cost of printing, enabling a richer more engaging booklet. The words to more readings, all of the prayers and other moments of reflection such as poems can be included, with more pictures to create a truly inspiring booklet, a memento worthy of the life of the one they’ve lost.

Collect pictures from family

Self-isolation doesn’t limit collaboration.

At a time when we feel isolated from each other, Eulogise helps connect families to collect pictures, create memorial slideshow videos and funeral service booklets. We provide families with a companion service to live-stream funerals, building a stronger personal connection for those joining the service remotely.

Eulogise family image uploads allow you to collect pictures from anyone, anywhere at any time. Invite family and friends to upload in seconds from their computer or mobile, from Instagram, Facebook, Google, Dropbox or Apple photos and you can even see who uploaded what.

Our range of fully customisable funeral service templates get you started quickly and allow complete personalisation. Share a single link to family and friends easily follow along at home with a seamless experience.

We’ve simplified the creation of beautiful, professional-quality memorial slideshows. Eulogise’s unique automation takes care of the complicated work, so you can just plan how it looks. Select a theme, add your music, arrange your pictures and you’re done. Our range of predesigned animations and transitions means you can create a beautiful memento to suit any kind of memorial service.

Get started for free with Eulogise, or get in touch if you’d like to know more about creating a personal connection with the memorial for someone you’ve lost.

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