Create a funeral order of service booklet with ease

Eulogise funeral order of service templates are the simplest way to create a beautiful, personalised funeral program. More than an order of ceremony, a modern funeral booklet can be a memento for years to come, with pictures, thoughts and poems, printed on keepsake quality paper. Select from our range of flexible templates to customise, or create your own design from scratch.

How to make funeral order of service booklet in 3 simple steps

funeral order of service template

Choose from our range of themes to edit

Choose from our range of themes to edit

Whether you’re looking for simplicity or highly expressive, modern or classic, there’s a style to suit your service.

Funeral service booklet pictures

Add your pictures and service details

Add your pictures and service details

Designed to get you started quickly, simply swap the pictures, move elements around, or redesign it from scratch.

funeral order of service printing

Download & print at home, or share as a digital booklet.

Download or share online

Download a PDF to print yourself, or share a digital booklet for remote viewers to follow along at home.

Funeral order of Service Templates

Explore our selection of funeral order of service templates. Use them as they are, customise them or create your own design. Our online editor is simple to use and works in your web browser. Simply drag elements around, add pictures and edit the text. We’ve even included the words to popular hymns, poems and prayers, to make it easy to capture the spirit of your loved one.

order of service booklet Aura theme


A contemporary style inspiring contemplation, with a mood image that wraps the outside pages.

View Aura Theme

order of service booklet Granduer theme


A bold, rich visual style with a combination of large portraits and mood image wrapping the external and internal pages.

View Granduer Theme

order of service booklet Reflection theme


Combining large visual memories and elegant typography in the running order, create the mood of reflection.

View Reflection Theme

order of service booklet Grace theme


Pure elegance, with a signature script typography and black and white photography, a perfect embrace of tradition.

View Grace Theme

order of service booklet Linen theme


A highly visual theme featuring large pictures on a classic linen background texture, to reflect on a lifetime of memories.

View Linen Theme

order of service booklet Classic theme


A traditional Order of Service embracing simplicity, on an uncoated paper texture background.

View classic Theme

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Funeral order of service booklets without the fuss

easy funeral memorial slideshows

Easy for anyone to do, no skills required

Easy for anyone to do, no skills required

We’ve taken care of the details, so you can just focus on how it looks

online Funeral order of service template

Works in your browser. No software downloads

Works in your browser. No software downloads

Flexible templates you can customise in any modern web browser.

Digitise photos and upload

Easily collects pictures from family and friends

Easily collects pictures from family and friends

Invite family to upload their printed and digital pictures without any fuss

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Funeral order of service – Top tips to follow when making it yourself

Remember the order of service booklet can be more than a running order if you wish. Some families like to keep things traditional with a simple style. However, others like to express the life of their dearly departed in many different ways. The order of service booklet is one more opportunity for this if you choose.

  1. Prepare the order of service booklet first.

    The order of service booklet needs to be printed. There are many options open to you. You can print it yourself, have your funeral director print it on their office printer, or send it out to be printed and delivered.

    Unless you’re printing it at home, you’re relying on someone else to fit the printing into their schedule. In our experience and from talking with many people, this can be the cause of significant stress, because there isn’t usually much time. We recommend you prepare the order of service booklet as one of the first tasks, or delegate it to someone who can do it quickly for you.

  2. Discuss with your Celebrant.

    Before you start to create the Order of Service booklet, it’s a good idea to discuss the service you plan to have with your Celebrant. You’ll want to plan your readings, hymns and prayers. Who will read each of them? And consider the order in which they will run.

    When you know your service plan, you’ll be ready to start your funeral order of service booklet.

  3. Select your order of service booklet theme

    Eulogise has a range of themes specially designed for funeral order of service booklets. They range from simple to bold expressive styles and from classic to modern formats. Select the theme that is closest to the style you like for your service, and you can customise it from there, to create something truly personal. Or you can keep the design just as it is.

  4. Collect pictures from family and friends.

    The funeral service booklet can include several pictures or may feature only one or two. Your theme will help you determine how many pictures you need for it.

    You may have many pictures already of your loved one, however, it can be helpful to ask family and friends if they have any others to share. You may just find one you haven’t seen before, that serves perfectly for the order of service.

    Eulogise has a feature that makes it very easy to collect all the pictures from the family, ready to use in your funeral video. All the pictures, right when you need them.

  5. Digitise printed photographs with your smartphone.

    If the picture you need for your funeral service booklet is a printed photograph, don’t despair. And certainly, don’t spend time or money scanning printed photographs. Your smartphone will take excellent quality pictures that will print beautifully in an order of service booklet. Save your time for reflecting on the pictures.

    We recommend Google PhotoScan as an app on your smartphone because it’s free. And it creates excellent, high-resolution digital versions of your pictures. Eulogise is designed to make it super easy to collect your digitised pictures right off your phone.

    See how easy it is with our quick guide here

  6. Select your Cover picture.

    The choice of cover photo is personal and important. We believe reviewing the pictures with close family members can be a rewarding process. It can prompt conversation, sharing forgotten memories as you reflect on the pictures. And we’ve found talking at a time like this generally helps.

    You may wish to show a portrait of your loved one on the cover, or alternatively, opt for a mood image instead. If you choose a portrait, find the one you feel most captures their spirit. It may be from any age in their life. Consider both the expression and the photograph itself.

    Eulogise has themes with mood images as a background that also enable you to add a portrait if you wish. You can add a large, small, or multiple images.

  7. Add additional pictures.

    The theme you selected can serve as a guide, however, you should feel free to customise the layout as you wish. Some families opt for a gallery of multiple photos on the inside pages. Others only add a second portrait on the back.

    Any additional pictures can span the lifetime of the deceased. Or you may choose to focus on the most significant period of their life. You could also include mood pictures of memorabilia or locations they loved. It’s as much as an opportunity to tell a story, as to guide the congregation through the service. Something to keep in mind, many people will hold onto the order of service booklet as a memento for years to come.

  8. Add your service details.

    Most funeral order of service booklets will serve as a program to guide the guests through the service. Typically, this means a list of the order of each part of the service and who will lead it, from the welcome to the hymns, prayers and readings.

    If you’re following the layout of your theme in Eulogise, we’ve added placeholder text to make it easy to know what to include. Simply click on the text you wish to edit and add your own.

    A classic format includes the words to the main prayer or hymn on the inside pages. Eulogise makes it easy to add the words to popular poems, prayers and hymns, in just a few clicks right in the editor.

  9. Paper makes a difference.

    The paper a funeral service booklet is printed on makes a difference to the quality and appearance and how well it will keep into the future. Many people keep the funeral booklet for years to come, enjoying a moment of reflection as they periodically come across it over the years.

    We recommend paper at least 220grams in weight. It’s not quite card quality, but it’s a lot heavier than office printer paper. If you choose to have your booklet printed and delivered by Eulogise, we’ll use premium quality 220gram paper. Our papers are FSC certified too, so you know it’s not damaging protected forests.

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