Funeral order of service printing options – Linen, Matte or Silk

Funeral order of service printing options – Linen, Matte or Silk

funeral order of service printing options

Paper can make a difference, so consider your funeral order of service printing options.

When it comes to printed booklets, the choice of paper can make an important difference. It’s important to many that the memorial stationery has a keepsake quality, worthy of our dearly departed.

Matte Uncoated Paper

Luxurious, dry to touch matte papers tend to be more expensive, however they vary greatly in the print finish. Part of the appeal is the subtle colour and lustre of the paper, but be sure you like the appearance. If you’re printing your own, be sure to get a printed sample before you print, to check the finish. Eulogise offers a Matte paper option and we’ve sourced the very best printers and tested the quality for you. So you can have peace of mind, the printing is first class.

Smooth Silk Paper

Often a more affordable option, smoother silk papers can create a quality impression in heavier weights. And they print colours vibrantly, so pictures always look good. The slight sheen on the surface has a tendency to look a little less luxurious than Matte papers, but it all depends on your style. 250 – 350grams is generally a good weight for a keepsake quality, four page funeral order of service booklet.

Linen Texture paper

There’s a classic appeal that’s hard to beat with Linen textured paper. It provides a worthy impression of style, both classic and elegant. It prints beautifully, so pictures look great and the texture catches the light, so white space doesn’t look empty. However, it is the most expensive of paper options.

It’s all in the weight

When it comes to the choice of paper, any of the above will create a premium, worthy impression. Be sure to select a heavy weight, and have it professionally printed and scored, so the folds don’t crack the printing along the spine. You’ll be sure to create a keepsake to be treasured.

Download it or print & deliver

With Eulogise, you have funeral order of service printing options. Download a print ready file, or we can print it for you. We have a network of approved printers, who we’ve tested and can rely on for quality and delivery. However, we don’t make money from the printing, we only charge you what they charge us. We’re happy for you to download the print ready file and use a printer of your own, if you have a better deal, or a printer closer to you to avoid delivery fees.

If you would like us to take care of the printing for you, we can deliver to almost anywhere in Australia. We use Australia Post’s Express Post network, so if you click “complete” before 2pm AEST, you’ll get your booklets the next day. If you’re not ready by 2pm, we’ll get them printed within the next day and in the post that night. See here for more info on Express Post

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