Here’s some quick answers to commonly asked questions

we provide the funeral assistance you need, to prepare touching personal memorials funeral stationery and tributes. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, contact us by email or chat. We’re happy to help.

Do I need to have a funeral director to become a customer?

No. Eulogise is available for anyone to use. We do have arrangements with Funeral Homes to support their customers, and many Funeral Directors automatically create an account for their clients as part of their service. However anyone can sign up straight from the site and we offer the same level of support.

Can I buy the video and booklet separately?

Eulogise bundles many features together in one comprehensive low cost package, because we aim to provide the smoothest and simplest experience for the bereaved, in preparing for a funeral or memorial service. It isn’t possible at this stage, to separate the billing for the video or booklet editors.

We have however, separated the cost of printing and delivery for the booklets, to provide an economy option.

Do I need to download software or an app?

No software or app downloads are required. Eulogise is built to work in modern web browsers, so you can prepare your booklet and and Visual Tribute video in the web browser you use every day.

Can I use Eulogise on my phone or tablet?

Although Eulogise works in the web browser, It is not currently optimised for touch devices. It will run on your tablet device, however some features may not provide the same experience as your laptop or desktop computer. We are however, working hard on optimising the site for touch devices at the moment.

The site is not yet optimised to respond to size of mobile phone screens.

Can I use it outside of Australia?

Yes absolutely, you can use the booklet editor and the Visual Tribute editor from any region. However, the print and delivery option for the booklet is restricted to Australia at this stage. You can of course download the printable pdf file fo your booklet, to print yourself, or take to a local pinter.

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