Eulogy Example – With a Spiritual Focus

Jeff believed he always had something to learn. He dedicated his life to becoming the best son, husband, father, grandfather, neighbour, colleague and friend he could be. However, when I reflected on his life, I realised something. Jeff wasn’t just learning – he was teaching us the ingredients for a life well spent. These are his lessons for us.

Family comes first. Jeff grew up in Sydney in a small, close family of four. He loved spending time with his mum, dad and sister. He was a diligent, caring son who supported his family through life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. And, they were there for him when he needed it the most. Jeff taught us that when you put family first, you will be loved, respected and supported your whole life – there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Find true love – and keep it. I remember the first day Jeff saw Kristin, she was walking into church with her family and we were sitting together on a pew. He told me, that’s the one. While he was sure about Kristin, he was shy and modest. It took him weeks to even say hello to her. But as we all know, from that first greeting to their last goodbye – Kristin was the light of his life. All through their 50-year marriage he was always planning zany dates and fun celebrations with family and friends. Jeff taught us that finding love is half of a good marriage, you have to treasure it to make it whole.

Nurture those around you. When Jeff and Kirstin had their children – Sam, Jenny and Teddy – they were ecstatic. Jeff was a kind and caring father who believed in his children. He was so proud of them and they were his favourite topic of conversation. His kids respected him in return, they asked for his advice and loved him fiercely. He extended his kindness and caring nature to all of those around him, he truly loved thy neighbour. Jeff taught us that when you care for others, you find joy within yourself.

Believe in what you do. Jeff spent his days working as an accountant, but it was his commitment to the church and the Rotary Club was his true life’s work. When he wasn’t at his desk or taking his kids to their weekend sports, he was fundraising or organising activities for the community. His Cake Stalls are legendary, full of life and laughter just like him – he always managed to draw a huge and hungry crowd. Jeff was thankful for his life and passionate about helping those less fortunate. He taught us that when you do something you believe in, it’s as natural as breathing.

Find meaning. Jeff found his spiritual home the first day he walked into the church. He once told me that after his first mass, he felt like his whole life had come into sharper focus. He was dedicated to his faith and it inspired him to live a great, full life that was full of love. He loved to talk with God in prayer and talk about him with friends and family. Even though his departure from our earthly world has left a hole in our lives, we know that Jeff is in heaven smiling down on us. We love you Jeff, thank you for everything you taught us and God Bless you.

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