Create a funeral video online with Eulogise

The simplest online funeral video editor, helps you capture the spirit of the one you’ve lost. Easily collect pictures from family and friends, right where you need them. Add your own music, or select from our built-in library. We’ve taken care of all the details, so you can focus on the life of your loved one.

How to make your memorial slideshow video in 3 simple steps

funeral video memorial slideshow theme

Choose your theme

Choose your theme

Each specially designed theme features a unique sequence of transitions between pictures

remembrance video music

Select your music

Select your music

Upload your own song or select from our built-in music library, including classical, string, bright and more

Funeral video slideshow pictures

Arrange your pictures

Arrange your pictures

No complex software, just drag and drop the order you like, then preview the result

Eulogise Funeral Video Example Themes

We’ve created a range of specially designed themes for a funeral video, so you can get started quickly. You can customise the appearance with filters, adjust the duration and choose your music, to create a touching funeral slideshow with ease. When you’re done, preview and download it.


A bright, energetic personality should be remembered as such, therefore these softly sliding carousel animations, with a bright over exposure effect between pictures, provide the balance between reflection and spark.


Share a simple, peaceful moment of reflection with this gentle sequence of animations. The Reflection theme combines full screen and true to ratio pictures, alternating between a slideshow and carousel motion.


This sequence of softly enlarging images create a rhythmic sense of reflection. The pictures animate over a floral background, to evoke a reflective mood.


Bring a touch of elegance with this smooth carousel of framed photographs, over a linen textured background. This slideshow feels like an enlarge photo album.


A graceful picture memorial as a sequence of slides gently enlarging and fading in reflective rhythm. The pictures animate over a blurred background with a black and white filter, which can be removed if desired.


Granduer is a contemporary visual tribute theme presenting memories over a peaceful ocean shore, in a sequence of soft zoom and sliding animations.

Start a memorial for your loved one

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Start a memorial for your loved one

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Makes funeral memorial videos easy

easy funeral memorial slideshows

Easy for anyone to do, no skills required

Easy for anyone to do, no skills required

We’ve taken care of the details, so you can just focus on how it looks

work with family on funeral videos

Collaborate with others in your family

Collaborate with others in your family

See which are their favourite pictures and share previews for feedback

Digitise photos and upload

Easily collects pictures from family and friends

Easily collects pictures from family and friends

Invite family to upload their printed and digital pictures without any fuss

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Funeral video tribute – Top tips to follow when making it yourself

  1. Collect pictures from family and friends.

    You may have a lot of pictures of your own, but it’s a great idea to invite others to share anything they have too. You may discover moments and experiences you’d forgotten, or you didn’t know about. It also helps the family feel a part of the process.

    Eulogise has a feature that makes it very easy to collect all the pictures from the family, ready to use in your funeral video. All the pictures, right when you need them.

  2. Digitise printed photographs with your smartphone.

    Don’t spend hours scanning printed photographs. Your smartphone will take excellent quality pictures that display really well on a screen. Save your time for reflecting on the pictures. And certainly, don’t pay anyone to scan them.

    We recommend Google PhotoScan as an app on your smartphone because it’s free. And it creates excellent, high-resolution digital versions of your pictures. Eulogise is designed to make it super easy to collect your digitised pictures right off your phone.

    See how easy it is with our quick guide here

  3. Select your pictures.

    We believe there’s a real value in selecting the pictures to use in your funeral slideshow, with close family members. This shared moment of reflection can be beneficial in processing your grief. It can spark conversation and help to share special moments that ease the pain.

    Think about the content and mood of the pictures, preferencing those that have a focus on your loved one for the funeral video. Aim for somewhere between 20 – 40 pictures.

  4. Choose a funeral slideshow theme.

    Eulogise has a range of themes specially designed for funeral memorial videos. Each theme animates the pictures on and off in a different way, creating different moods. Some are a little more energetic than others, and they vary in simplicity, from classic to the more contemporary. You can choose a theme and then change it later too.

  5. Arrange your pictures.

    Consider the chronology of the pictures in the remembrance video. Aim to tell a story, but each frame in the timeline also has its own animation, so arrange the pictures to suit the animation style too.

  6. Choose your music.

    Music plays an important role in a funeral video, for setting the tone and expressing the personality of your loved one. Adding their favourite song creates a very personal touch. Or perhaps you’d like to create a space for reflection and contemplation, in which case, select a background track from the Eulogise music library. There are styles including classical, strings, piano and bright contemporary sounds.

    The music is also a good guide for the duration of the remembrance video Between 3 – 8 minutes, or two songs, is a good length, depending on where the visual tribute appears in the service.

    Eulogise also includes an option for ‘No Audio’. There are many ways people like to include a slideshow within a memorial service. If you’re using it as a backdrop to spoken word or a live performance, this is a good option to use.

  7. Download and you’re done.

    Once you’re happy with your images and have selected your music, you can preview your funeral video tribute. Sometimes sharing it with a close family member or friend can help you be sure it’s ready. Eulogise includes the option to share a preview link before you process your video to download.

    When you’re ready, press ‘Complete and your funeral slideshow will be processed as an mp4 video for download. This is the most universal standard to playback almost anywhere. You can return to your editor to download at any time prior to your funeral service. Or, share a download link with your funeral director, or a family member helping with the preparations on the day.

Start a memorial for your loved one

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Start a memorial for your loved one

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