Create a funeral program order of service – more than just a running order

How to create a funeral program order of service. (That’s more than just a running order)

The first job a funeral order of service booklet does, is guide the congregation through the the memorial or funeral service. However, we believe it plays a far more important role than this.

How to prepare an Order of Service booklet

Funeral program order of services come in many styles and formats. Traditionally they served the purpose of guiding the guests through the prayers, readings and hymns of the funeral mass. This is still an important role they play, even in less traditional services. It’s important to help people know what to expect.

However, if you’ve been to many funerals and you’re anything like us, or others we speak to, An order of service booklet is a difficult thing to discard. The printed page becomes a keepsake that sits on a shelf, or in a book. As we encounter it from time to time, it serves as a treasured moment of reflection. For this reason, it’s become very popular to add more personalisation through design, pictures and words.

Modern funeral service booklets provide a wonderful opportunity to express the life of the deceased. Additional pictures, poems, thoughts and memories add so much value, and printing them on quality heavy paper keeps them in good condition for years to come.

We’ve created an order of service template editor that so simple to use, anyone can make a beautiful, keepsake quality booklet. Eulogise works online, in your web browser, so there’s no software to download and includes a range of beautifully designed templates. Our quick-start templates are very flexible and can be completely customised in a few simple steps.

Watch this 90 second video demonstration, to see how easily you can create a funeral order of service program that serves as a worthy memorial too.

Watch the 90 second Order of Service Editor Demonstration

We have a range of themes to suit any style of service. Whether you’re planning a traditional religious funeral mass, or something more contemporary as a celebration of the life of the deceased, there’s a style for you. Explore them here.

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