Celebration of Life ideas with music, readings, memorial videos and order of service booklets

Celebration of Life ideas, with memorial videos, music, readings and memorial booklets worth keeping.

It’s such a sad time to loose someone close to us, no matter how wonderful a life they have had. So what could be better than to celebrate the life of our dearly departed, rather than dwell on our loss?

Celebration of life ideas

Modern funerals have embraced this change in mood, with ever expanding ideas to express the life and shared memories of those we’ve lost. Many families are opting for modern cultural reflections. These services can include poems, literary quotes and songs, departing from religious traditions of prayers and mournful hymns.


The choice of music can be a reflection of how we remember the deceased. Or alternatively it can be a reference to the music they themselves loved. Music can play a role in any part of the memorial service. Consider it as a welcome for guests or as a point of reflection during the service. A performance by live musicians or gifted family member, can be also be memorable statement.

Visual Tributes

Visual tributes have become incredibly popular, from large prints, to slideshows and video memorials. Often set to music, typical video memorials feature photographs over the lifetime of the deceased. As a result, slideshow memorials provide a wonderful moment of reflection at the end of the service. Some services also play through slides at the beginning as the guests settle.

If you’re planning a video memorial, read this article on why we think you should do it yourself.

Funeral order of service booklets

The humble funeral service booklet has also evolved into a printed celebration of life,
in modern memorial services. Whether following a traditional format, or more contemporary service, there are many stylish examples of order of service booklets, that celebrate the life of the deceased. Explore our own funeral service booklet template examples here. The range extends from simple stylish booklet designs, to grand gestures and everywhere in between.

It’s important to remember, the order of service booklet is likely to be kept by many of your guests as a memento after the service. As they rediscover it over the years, it’s a gentle, beautiful moment of reflection.

Eulogise makes it easy

Whether you’re planning something traditional, or a modern celebration of live, feel the freedom to express their life how you want to. We’re making it simpler for anyone to create any form expression they wish, without software or expensive providers. The Eulogise funeral service booklet editor and memorial video editor, are simple to use, designed to get you started quickly. Watch thebooklet and video editor demonstration videos to see how easily you can create them for yourself.

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Let Eulogise help you prepare a memorial

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